Business Development Analyst

POSITION AVAILABLE: Business Development Analyst
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Bachelors degree or foreign equivalent in any field, plus 1 year of experience in job offered or a related position
Develop FPT USA Corp.s (FPT USA) business and market presence in the U.S. Analyze financial data, track and forecast FPT USAs product sales, and measure the effectiveness of FPT USAs business development and U.S. expansion programs. Assess and improve the financial policies of FPT USA with respect to U.S. business goals and production targets, keeping in mind the corporate expansion plans directed by FPT USAs parent company in Vietnam. Develop FPT USAs U.S. operational budget for business development activities, develop product pricing strategies and ensure the profitability of new and existing products. Create internal marketing policies and external promotional materials. Communicate with potential U.S. clients and vendors about FPT USAs product and service packages. Determine how FPT USA will allocate business development resources and provide recommendations to FPT USA and its parent companys management teams. Collaborate with FPT USAs parent company regarding the direction of FPT USAs growth and identify target areas for business development.
Experience working as a member of an offshore software development team
Understanding of the software development process from inception to launch
Knowledge of market forecasting techniques and market research analysis
Experience using Salesforce.com software
Experience with software account management, sales cycles and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
CONTACT: Please send resume to FPT USA Corp. at

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